Friday, July 14, 2017

Hitch Haiku

Probably this set of haikus won't make much sense until I write another blog post explaining everything, but for starters here is what my last week in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness was like!

Beaches every mile
10 miles turns into 13
caught pop on the bridge

Up close view of grouse
Canyon walls steep, sage fields hot
Are we there yet? No

Ice cream sandwiches
Turkey chicken beef and pork
Who wants more oatmeal?

Today we got Franked
Rock rock rock rock rock WATCH OUT
Rattlesnake below

Yesterday was church
Walked into a lunch buffet
Blisters on our feet

We don’t need rock bars
Hands, webbing, and our muscles
Geoff dropped ours off a cliff

Rafters as neighbors
Costume party had weird vibes
Trash taking saviors

Eagle soaring high
Baby black bear runs as we sing
A rabbit lies dead

Last day of hiking
Jose hooked us up with food
Cookies and fresh fruit!

Get it done? Heck yeah!
Finished two rock walls- good looks

No Thursday flight. Shit.

Pop on the bridge!:

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